Misting forever

Pocket fogger

Pocket fogger

There are a whole range of fogger pocket , some are in aerosols such as Evian misting for example, on the other models: Mini fan droplets. Two types of pocket foggers is distinct by the fact that the second is rechargeable while the former is not .

Use of handheld fogger

The good thing with the pocket atomizer, is that you can take it with you. Light, small and convenient it will accompany you throughout your day . The fogger can go in your handbag, wallet and any type of pocket.

  • at work
  • In your living room
  • On your terrace
  • On the edge of the pool
  • In your apartment
  • in transit
  • During your excursions on foot and horse riding
  • During car journeys, traffic jams
  • On the beach
  • At sport
  • For your baby

Buy a handheld fogger

Quite frankly, it’s really easy to find a pocket atomizer, in supermarkets, shops nature, sports shop, shopping malls, your pre-made and compare with the price of the Net . Indeed, the simplest is still buying his pocket atomizer on the internet, with a wide range of products you can easily discount prices. In addition to this advantage as the supply glut of misting handheld online is the fact that buying Internet, the delivery is at home. What more? Sun! ;-)