Misting forever

Misting terrace-patio

Misting for patios & terrace of bars, restaurants

Fighting heat

Summer terrace in the temperature can quickly exceed 30 °, it becomes natural to try to break, protect, it quickly becomes annoying. An installation misting is easily the temperature drops to 22 °! With this wave of cool air is more breathable , the least attacked. The customer will gain in quality of service, staff always boiling evolve in a work much better.

Solution for freshness? The fogger

You own a bar which has a terrace, a restaurant? Looking to beat the heat and create a distinctive ambience The mist for terrace bar will cool your space with billions of microscopic water droplets. A misting system special terraces is proposed to adapt to more close to your needs Air Conditioning. It will find its place at the sunblind for example, perfectly invisible, wireless apparent, no runoff or ponding of water, it protects from heat your patio while remaining discreet. Plant in terms of furniture will not suffer any changes or movements, with the mist everything is transparent. Whatever the size of your site to cool, the high pressure misting adapts easily and can move whatever the arrangement of the terrace, its flexibility and value for money and benefits brought to the forefront of professional air conditioning .

Remember that your customers will be most important, satisfied and loyal if you offer a terrace light fresh, fun and original. Indeed have a misting system never leaves indifferent passers-by, it draws the eye and gives an aesthetic particularly attractive terrace of the property .

Remember that many customers do not bear the heat, health problems. If you are in a street with traffic, be aware that the haze produced by the atomizer can be a curtain surrounding natural aggression. The installation of a complete system in a bar or in a restaurant does not require specific prerequisites. Do not hesitate to inquire.

Installation and estimate for misting terraces

Choose company specialized in installation of misting for pavement bars, is making sure to contact a certified installer for a quote and an atomizer adapted.