Misting forever

Misting umbrella

Being in the shade under its umbrella with a nice cool environment, the umbrella misting . On a daily basis, in the day to evening, enjoy a comfortable two in one.

Misting sunshade, double protection against heat

The misting sunshade is made on the basis of an umbrella that has added a mist, fan nozzle and water tank. Enjoy now in your garden, poolside or terrace of natural air conditioning .
Also, you can direct each nozzle misting umbrella to maximize fresh air.

Maintenance of a misting umbrella

Talking to protect your umbrella before winter and remember to clean the misting system, your nozzle by operating the umbrella misting with distilled water, it will remove impurities and protect your system against possible limestone caps.

Misting umbrella

Some models can change the inter misting nozzles by a burner that can heat and cool evenings of half season. Running on gas it has a self-important and complements the supply of misting umbrella in spring and summer it produces fog in autumn and winter it acts as a heat outside.