Misting forever

Misting pond

you want to install a misting system in the heart of your pond , to give an ambiance, an atmosphere?

The misting pond is easy to install, a specific plastic float coupled system misting natural semi submersible totally or sub-aquatic, it will spray a mist that will remain on the surface of the water, guaranteed effect in your garden or from your terrace.

Through Technology “ultrasound” you can give a new look to your pond . Totally natural, the mist not affect in any way to your aquatic flora and fauna, plants and fish. On the contrary, it will promote the growth of your plants and create a protective veil for your pool, keeping cool your pool during the summer season.

Pond + lighting

Add an exotic touch to your pond, an ornamental that it is possible to associate a lighting system to accentuate the look decorative . Some tender offer in addition to LEDs that change color Water comes from a reservation that once automatically cuts out to the misting pool.

There are also the same theme brumisateurs for indoor fountain and external asset decoration. You can use these elements to create the perfect decor for halloween, cauldron-style, or the idyllic romantic evening.