Misting forever

Outdoor misting

You want to cool a space, outdoor, private or public, misting offer considerable advantages. For a terrace, a piece of lawn, a balcony or a public space the misting outdoor environment will rafraichir disseminating micro drops of water in the atmosphere. The air will refresh and provide a feeling of well-being even in the middle of the afternoon sun under a crushing. Very green, greedy little water and electricity it is a solution to recurring heat waves in recent years.

Several products can meet your expectations, there is such mist umbrella, you can install anywhere in your garden because they operate independently (of water and gas).

Facilities adaptable and modular for better integration of the misting equipment on your patio or in your garden. At the edge of the pool to refresh benefit or for the aesthetic of the whole, immersed in your artificial waterfall with a lighting system for an original pond.