Misting forever

High pressure misting

Interests of high pressure misting

High pressure water spray will freshen the air naturally , micro droplets of water by evaporation will lower the temperature. With a high pressure misting fall of static electricity, more than dust in the air, it is also a disinfectant and deodorant, it increases the growth of plants, a multitude of uses !

Applications of high pressure misting

An original way, ecologically and economically to lower the temperature of almost 10 ° , a boon in many areas, a solution for many situations: misting HP . Whether it is for industry to clean up your space in saturated and superheated particles, for a terrace bar in order to improve the comfort of your customers and your team work, food for the preservation of vegetables, fruit and their growth. Find a high-pressure water spray to your office, the high pressure water spray is the ideal air conditioning .