Misting forever

Essential oil misting

A novelty in misting: the mist of essential oils that will provide natural fragrant oils and restore all their respective virtues. Through this process of evaporation, the air will be purified and cleaned, it will help clear the pores of the faces blocked by air pollution every day. Its place? In all situations, from the kitchen to the rooms, the office …

Misting of essential oils at home

In your living room, in your room or your child, the misting of essential oils will make cleaner air in your room even for large surface. Set duration of action with timer for starting and stopping misting.

Misting of essential oils professionals

At your workplace, installing a misting of essential oils, a warm and pleasant atmosphere to work optimally.

The locations of these misting.

  • Office
  • Meeting Room
  • Brake Room
  • Smoking Room
  • Leisure

Perfumes and scents of essential oils and special misting

A range of fragrant essential oils are those that I use a recursive are:

  • Perfume orange
  • Eucalyptus fragrance
  • Mandarin perfume
  • Perfume against tobacco

Noted that it is possible to add a fragrance extracts specific misting essential oils to scent your environment. Do not make a risky choice some may damage your installation.

The misting of essential oils will regulate the humidity of the environment while the fragrance of aromas and flavors smell. A haze of atmosphere that will have the effect of relaxation,  meditation. Choose the design and decoration with fountain fogger essential oils.