Misting forever

Evian atomizer

The Evian atomizer is a misting pocket or bag instead of / handbag has democratized and serves all very sunny day. Stored in your glove box for the summer traffic jams, or in the bag for mom baby does not suffer the assaults of the heat, the mist quickly becomes indispensable.

Evian atomizer

Evian offers cosmetics, beauty, hygiene a mist produced from mineral water. Omnipresent in all temperature refractory canicular, know it to be discreet and make timely moment of freshness and sense of well-being. The pure mineral water applied to your skin is gently moisturize the ├ępyderme. This applies to all skin types, sensitive skin as baby. Evian bottle is for you ladies cosmetic partner will then help determine the makeup. The result is impressive, the makeup does not run, it sets itself and revives provides a much more natural tone removes the rough edges.

2003 heatwave in France, the atomizer has never been so successful, its ability to moisturize made him a must. The flat is that these are extremely pollutant brumisateurs, production, transportation, packaging, marketing, take it and invest in the recycling, ecology, sustainable, a good bottle of tap water? Maybe you prefer to buy a rechargeable atomizer ?

Evian atomizer 50ml

This fogger containing 150ml made based Evian mineral water, it promotes skin hydration, the fresh. The supply and delivery of products Evian atomizer is available throughout France, to order directly from the internet or from a commercial near you.

Evian atomizer 414ml

Another Evian misting but bigger, this one is twice as big and will accompany you in your travels, that throughout the day. Good for the skin, moisturizer, it is the ideal partner fresh for those who fear the heat.