Misting forever

Misting useful

Uses a fogger for misting

Indispensable for lunch, the sun from the vertical spares no one, whether at home or for your customers, the comfort of everyone is paramount, the beads of water that does not wet will create a curtain protective face heat , the sensation of fresh air is undeniable. Refreshing and relaxing, you know that cooling via misting is ideal for maximizing your tan? The example of the terrace is the most probative value to appreciate a well made brumisateur , it will find its place in many areas, the misting is used in industry, agribusiness, large retailers, events.

Misting in everyday life

The fogger for professionals

Whether you manage a brewery, bar or hotel, the misting can meet your expectations for natural air conditioning. A facility fee in the summer will be a most significant value . Less energy and to make a real comfort and improved productivity is the tool for all professionals in the catering, tourism and agriculture.

Misting hotels, restaurants, bar, discos

  • Misting on your terrace bar
  • In the patio of your hotel
  • On poolside restaurant of your
  • In the area outside of your private school
  • On the terrace of your nightclub

Misting for industry, crafts

Misting for crafts
  • Fighting dust
  • Shutdown static electricity
Misting textile
  • Work of matter
  • Refreshments of space
  • Fixes problems dry air
Misting for coldstore
  • Humidity constant
  • Manage rate
Misting for Transport
  • Prevents spread of odors, waste

Misting for agriculture

Vegetal misting
  • For your greenhouse, your operation
  • To refresh your vegetable stock
Misting for winegrower
  • Refine wine
  • Against static electricity
for livestock misting
  • Breeding cattle
  • Breeding poultry
  • Breeding sheep

Misting for entertainment

The misting are also used to produce special effects for the entertainment industry. With a report and often dramatic presentations will allow the mist to create the mist without the use of chemicals. The fog is produced by pressure of pure water. It is an alternative safe and affordable for shows, concerts, amusement parks.

Misting for sport

There are a lot of misting during sporting events.

Misting on holidays

You go on holidays, you go have the chance to cross your path on a wide range of models misting. Open your eyes a little during your getaway, rental, lunch and dinner, you will soon find out that the misting are everywhere . Misting meet a great success both on the part of professionals who offer their customers comfort in summer than on the general public who has this technology grab refreshing at home in the living room or in your bathroom.

  • Misting public rest areas highways
  • Misting restaurant or bar
  • On the golf course or the tennis court
  • In snack or a pizza, a mist to cool
  • In amusement parks and water parks, Misting for fresh air
  • Pool in the camping
  • Misting in the SPA
  • At the beach, misting around the hut, payotte, terrace, transats