Misting forever


What is a misting ?

When high temperatures arrive, seeking the cool, the mist may be a solution . The plans to fine mist of water droplets, a form of fog. The mist is a blend of two elements: a fan and a nozzle, the nozzle. The combination of the two can create fine droplets of water to evaporate instantly, When 1 gram of water evaporates, there are 600 calories consumed, is what makes the space around cools.
The transformation of liquid into vapor (gas) occurs when the liquid comes in contact with cold air at the exit nozzle. The atomizer produces billions of water droplets is in the form of gas, in fact, the drops size never exceeds 5 microns. At this level, ‘flash evaporation’ occurs and reduces the ambient temperature. This energy exchange results in a decrease in temperature. As with any process of cooling by evaporation, more moisture evaporates quickly, the more calories are consumed to heat and cool more quickly arrive.

In most cases the machines have a remote control. The fog on demand, it’s done with a timer to control the time intervals between sprays.

atomizer, a technology based on a natural phenomenon maitrisé: water vapor , whatever its use any fogger machine runs in that process. Climate as very few ecological consumer of electricity and water. The mist make fresh air in your space and bring down the temperature of almost 10 °, without any feeling of moisture .
Using pumps high pressure, the water is forced through the tube and product, and through the fog the spray nozzle. This process produces water droplets are so tiny that create a cloud of mist cooling.
Learn about proper operation, make sure the mist is silent, it requires little maintenance and have a long life. Make sure the product you buy is manufactured by a company with at least 10 years of experience in the mist and always ask what it is about the product warranty.
Misting systems can be used both in residence and in major shopping malls. They provide effective cooling of the air whatever the surface, they increase the rate of moisture for example in the storage of fresh produce and even in greenhouses.

Misting, a full benefits

Choose to purchase a fogger might come from a real need, cool space with a natural, ecological, in agreement with the environment. Next use constraints, the budget proposes to misting be the alternative cooling tomorrow. the mist that has benefits :

  • Air conditionner, lowers the temperature
  • Natural method
  • Disparition static electricity
  • No dust particles in the air
  • The mist disinfects
  • Misting fountain indoor
  • Optimization of plant growth
  • Canned vegetables and fruits
  • Do not pollute, long-term use of a misting possible
  • Positive effect on morale, reduced stress, reduced risk of accidents due to heat waves and high T °
  • Decorative effect and aesthetics